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The Grass Is Finally Greener

The Grass is Finally Greener

I have been practicing in my new Ayurvedic space for about a month now, and I am really falling in love.  The warmth, comfort, and beauty of the space was immediately apparent, but the utility and flow is what gives me so much pleasure.  I have organized the treatment room so that I can control the light, the temperature, and even the sound.  We are truly tucked away into another world during a treatment.

The consult room, in contrast, is bright and energetic, yet relaxing.  I love sharing the beauty of Ayurveda in this space, and look forward to putting together a program of classes and events next year that everyone can enjoy and engage with.  Take a look at the pictures!

The front walk way



Just inside- the living room. Still a work in progress!



The kitchen island- just waiting for Ayurvedic cooking classes!



Coming up the stairs into my workspace.



VA reception, bathed in light.



The consult room



The treatment room


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