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Valley Ayurveda’s Spring Cleanse
April 10th-14th

Begin each season with energy, clarity and a renewed sense of vigor!

  • Unlock energy
  • Eliminate mood swings
  • Curb food cravings
  • Stabilize and strengthen your digestion
  • Support a healthy weight
  • Feel amazing!

Your Cleanse Kit is just $75.
Begin by attending our free Kick-Off Q&A Session on April 6th from 7-9 at Valley Ayurveda

Free Q&A Session
April  6th 7-9 pm

Valley Ayurveda

46 Norwood Ave. Florence, MA

  • Learn how to make your Cleanse food- Kitchari
  • Understand the theory, principals, and methodology behind the Ayurvedic Cleanse
  • Connect with others who are going through the same thing
  • Get a detailed understanding of each element in your Cleanse Kit
  • Get a pulse and tongue diagnosis

Please Register if you know you would like a Cleanse Kit, so I have an idea of how many to prepare.  Thank you!

Register Now

April is the best month to purge out residue stored in the body from a  heavy winter diet. By the end of March, our digestive fire is spluttering along, and not working as efficiently as it was earlier in the season.  This Spring Cleanse clears everything out leaving you feeling physically lighter, more open, and more mentally clear.

While Cleansing, we eat a very simple diet of mung beans and rice with  ghee and spices. This allows our digestion to rest and frees up energy to attend to cleaning the body. We coat ourselves in warm oil each day, which softens every tissue layer of our bodies- from the skin and muscles to the bones and nervous system. This softening allows debris and toxins that have been trapped in the tissues to float up and be carried out by the body’s natural cleansing process, to be aided by a purge on the 5th day.

Cleanse Details

  • This is a 5-Day Cleanse, plus any extra days you would like to give yourself to do a pre-cleanse or come off of the Cleanse
  • This Cleanse is a mono-diet of kitchari: mung beans and rice prepared with ghee and Indian spices, as well as leafy greens such as chard, collard greens, kale, beet greens, etc.
  • Internal (ghee) and external (abhyanga) oleation is used to soften tissues and loosen hardened toxins
  • Digestive spices and teas are used to help break down the full protein diet
  • Herbal supplements keep your bowels regular and skin clear
  • At the end of the 5 days, there is a castor oil purge to flush toxins that have been released and mobilized during the 5 days

Your Kit

  • Mung beans and rice: kitchari makings for 5 days
  • 1 bottle of almond or mustard oil for abhyanga
  • Digestive spices and seeds
  • 1 jar of ghee for cooking and internal oleation
  • Cleansing herbs- Triphala, and Blood Cleanse formula
  • 1 bottle of Castor oil
  • Cleanse Workbook providing day-to-day instructions, supplemental information, recipes, and support


  • Kick off Cleanse Class
  • Cleanse Kit stocked with everything you need for the week
  • Daily emails and Facebook Support group
  • Check-In Session and Restorative Yoga Class
  • 15% off of all bodywork during the Cleanse

Thank you for being such a wonderful support during my first cleanse. It was a great experience and I hope to do more in the future.

Lisa J.

So I made it through. I feel really good. Tired, but good. What an experience! It feels like an accomplishment. And one I've learned about myself from. Thank you!

Sara F.

Brooksley, thank you for all your guidance and help with the Cleanse. We are slowly weening ourselves back to normal food. It has been a good experience for us. We feel cleaned out and clear headed. Each day is better.

Ethan & Ashley

What an amazing experience this was!

Lynne Shapiro

The 3-day cleanse and consultation work I did with Brooksley set me on a new road to feeling energized, eating well, and enjoying life. She also taught me the simple habit of abhyanga, which I do every day after I shower. It only takes a minute, and makes me feel vibrant, centered, and whole. Ayurveda has been a gentle way of honoring my body and fostering good health. I am profoundly grateful to Brooksley for her healing and her teachings.

Joan Holliday
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