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Achieving and Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Each of our very individual bodies has an ideal weight; some of us don’t even know what that number is. Achieving and maintaining this weight is no small task, but once accomplished it promotes longevity and health, which are crucial as we age and find we must combat new struggles like aching joints, fatigue—what might be characterized as a slow weakening of our bodies. Maintaining a comfortable weight increases our energy, self-esteem, and vigor—not to mention the effect it has—right or wrong–on how society relates to us.

This program highlights food choices, eating habits, and attitudes about food and nutrition, body image, and exercise. There is no calorie-counting nor are any foods off limits; you decide what you want to cull from your diet—if anything. The Ayurvedic approach to eliminating excess weight and improving health focuses on changing your relationship to your body and how you care for it. Because the work is largely internal, changes are not temporary; they are lasting solutions, which are holistic, dramatic and sustainable.

Program Details
Included in the 90 Day Healthy Weight Program:


  • Consultation to determine your Ayurvedic Constitution and present state of imbalance
  • A daily routine tailored to the specifics of your life
  • A food plan, including one or more cooking classes and recipes for you to try at home, designed to promote your new, improved eating habits
  • Herbs and supplements to reduce hunger, supplying a healthy source of strength to your body
  • An exercise plan tailored to you, your body type according to Ayurveda, and the demands of your schedule
  • Relaxing, pleasurable body treatments that foster self acceptance and a kind, supportive attitude toward your body
  • Bi­weekly check-­ins to discuss and defuse areas of struggle

Cost: TBD

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