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For most of us, stress is an unavoidable side effect of life—more pronounced and problematic during different phases, and at times feeling so dominant, we seem to have forgotten how to relax. Ayurveda teaches that stress affects every aspect of our lives, from weight management to digestive strength to an overall sense of wellbeing. This 90­day program will help you take control of your body’s reaction to stress and minimize the deleterious effects stress can have on nearly all aspects of life.

Program Details
Included in the 90 day Stress Management Program:

  • Consultation to determine your Ayurvedic Constitution and present state of imbalance
  • A daily routine tailored to harmonize with your family and work life
  • A suitable diet plan that will help you maintain health and vitality
  • Herbs and supplements that will support your nervous system
  • Recommendations for the best physical exercise for your body type
  • Ayurvedic Treatments that will cleanse and nourish your body and mind
  • Bi-weekly check-in and progress updates

Cost: TBD

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