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When applied to Ayurveda, the old adage,You are what you eat, becomes, rather, You are what you digest. Digestion is considered the most critical of all bodily functions since improper digestion and a poor assimilation of nutrition leaves the body’s tissues and systems lacking the nourishment they need to work efficiently—which is critical to good health and a sense of wellbeing.

Program Details
Included in the 90 Day Digestion Enhancement Program:

  • Consultation to determine your Ayurvedic Constitution and present state of imbalance
  • An individual diet plan that includes recipes aimed at maximizing digestive strength
  • Cooking class and information of the proper use of Ayurveda’s Six Tastes
  • Herbs and supplements that support food breakdown and absorption
  • Ayurvedic Treatments that address your digestive system
  • Bi-weekly check-in meetings

Cost: TBD

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