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The most powerful and lasting results in Ayurvedic medicine are achieved through a wholehearted commitment of three months in order to give the recommendations and treatments a chance to really start working.

In our work together, we will always be looking toward a healthier future, asking the question: Where do I want to be in three months? How do I hope to feel? What would I like to have changed?

Most of my clients come to see me for one of the following issues: anxiety and depression, weight management, poor sleep, stress relief, and digestive difficulties. I have conceived of the five programs described in this section to address these issues and provide long-lasting relief.

If you could project yourself 90 days into the future, what would be the best possible scenario?

This is an excellent place to start on the Ayurvedic path to wellness. We ask these questions at the beginning of the program and, in nearly all cases, find we’ve have achieved clarity and answers by the end. After 90 days our work together will have fostered a sense of balance, peace, and self-love, brought about and maintained by a collaborative ongoing attention to and compassion for your self.

These programs have been successfully used on the journey that takes you back to a path of hope, health, and peace.

Brooksley is kind and loving. Her radiant health is an inspiration. I feel safe and supported in her care.

Eliza K.

Brooksley is a woman of great emotional depth, Ayurvedic knowledge and compassion for her clients. You will  be invigorated, more hopeful and more informed after a session at Valley Ayurveda!

Susan W.
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