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Experience The Present

Experience the Present

Every message, image, and promotion this month is telling us that in order to be happy we need to have the perfect “things” around us.  This is a marketing technique of pointing out a flaw we didn’t know we had, along with the remedy for that flaw.  But the truth is that we, and our loved ones, are perfect the way we are. What we actually need is to love and be loved, and even more so now, when all attention is driven to the material world.  In Sanskrit, the word sneha means both oil AND love.  The body doesn’t know the difference, even though one is a substance, and one is an emotional experience.  More than ever, we should be performing a daily abhyanga- application of oil- to our bodies, to show love, caring, and nurturing for ourselves.  This is how we can develop the equanimity to handle the excessive stimulation of these times.

Abhyanga can be done at home in the privacy of your own bathroom, but it is also a treatment that is lovingly performed by me, at Valley Ayurveda.  Consider the gift of an experience to be given or shared that can bring joy and peace to the body and mind, and can point the direction to greater fulfillment in life.  Read more about abhyanga on the website, and have a truly happy holiday!

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