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Complementary Health Assessment

During this free 20-minute session, I will help you determine and understand your constitution from an Ayurvedic perspective, including tongue & pulse diagnosis.
Following your assessment, you can decide if you would like to return for bodywork, a full consult, or any mixture of the two.

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Initial Consultation

All paths into Ayurveda begin with an Initial Consultation. During this 90 minute session, I will review your health history, daily habits/routines, diet, and personality.  I will give you a brief overview of Ayurvedic principles and terminology, and work with you to develop a treatment plan based on your individual needs.


Consult-Abhyanga Combo

This combination of services gives me a chance to get to know you and your specific issues, while giving you a taste of what the Ayurvedic bodywork is like. This is particularly powerful because during the consult, I can understand how to tailor my treatment to your specific needs, choosing oils, aromas, and strokes that will bring about a maximum therapeutic benefit, as well as feel great! If you’ve been here before, you can still take advantage of the combo by getting a follow-up to deepen our discussion, accompanied by an abhyanga.


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A la Carte Sessions

Follow-up Consultations

Once you have completed your Initial Consultation with me, Follow-Up appointments are 30 or 60 minutes long. You can schedule a Follow-Up session to track your progress or bring any new concerns to my attention.


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During my initial consultation/assessment with Brooksley I found her to be exceptionally well versed in Ayurvedic knowledge and practice. She was professional yet relaxed and welcoming… and attentive to my health concerns. After my assessment she gave me helpful handouts with suggestions for slight changes in my diet and everyday living that have proved to be very beneficial to improving my overall health.

Rick P.

Valley Ayurveda is the most welcoming serene place that offers peace from the moment you enter the doors and walk up the stairway lit by tiny tea lights. The massage is exceptionally healing and wonderful.  My time shared with Brooksley in consultation was priceless.  I would live there if I could!

Jane T.

I had years of stomach pain/discomfort and after going to see doctors upon doctors (for x-rays, ultrasounds, etc), I went for a consultation with Brooksley.  She recommended some herbal supplements and Aloe juice.  I feel 100% better with little to no pain.  I couldn't recommend this place more to everyone and anyone!!

Kat P.
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