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Called To Action

Called to Action

The first month of 2017 has seen some incredible changes in our country.  Many of us are taking actions we never expected to take, just to fight back against the tide of reshaping that is occurring in policy and practice at the highest levels of government.  While I feel called to make my voice heard where I can, I also feel called to protect and replenish those of you who are out on the front lines- working every day to protect basic human rights.  This can take a lot out of us, emotionally and physically, and this is where Ayurveda excels as a restorative science.

All treatments in Ayurveda nourish not just our muscles, tendons, and tissues, but they provide a sacred place to sustain our soul.  We don’t reside in our minds or bodies alone, but in a place where the two become one.  Tapping into that eternal resource can give us strength and resolve for the work ahead, as well as bolster the physical form and provide immunity, vitality and contentment.

At the Women’s March Gloria Steinem gave me chills when she said, “We must put our bodies where our beliefs are.”  My call to action is creating a place for you to bring your body where you can be restored, supported, connected and loved.  Join one of my upcoming groups, come to a Third Thursday Class, go deeper with a consult, or just get your body on the table for some life-affirming care.  Let’s be there for each other.

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