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The Dosha of Life

Vata is the principle of mobility that regulates the flow of the body. It is this energy that governs the movement of everything from our own thoughts to the food in our intestines. Vata is responsible for creativity, speech, inspiration, excitement, adventure, happiness and joy.

A Vata-dominant person is often on the move, and brimming with creative thoughts and ideas.

He or she will eagerly start new projects, and revel in collaboration, discussion, and contemplation. However, when those energies become imbalanced, the Vata person may forget to eat, become scattered, overwhelmed, anxious, and eventually crash from exhaustion. While thoughts in the head speed up, movement in the bowels may come to a grinding halt.

Vata energy needs gentle coaxing to bring it down to earth where beautiful vata ideas can take root and thrive. Ayurvedic oil massages such as abhyanga and shirodhara are recommended: they quench dry vata skin and calm anxious nerves. Simple lifestyle adjustments and rejuvenative herbs are often recommended to revitalize depleted tissues and add stature to the slender vata frame.

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Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Bliss Treatment, Karna Purna, Padabhyanga, Swedana, Basti

The Dosha of Light

Pitta is the principle of metabolism and integration. Pitta is responsible for the absorption and assimilation of foods, thoughts, experiences and emotions, and is signified by order, sequences, logic, and reason.

A Pitta-dominant person is organized, efficient, and thrives in structured environments.
They are often good with numbers, sharp-witted, punctual, and opinionated. A pitta body is solid, muscular, and with that fiery constitution, doesn’t mind an early morning jog in the winter. But when pitta is out of balance, the heat boils over, causing rashes, heartburn, acne, anger, and harsh judgment.

Ayurveda needs quick and efficient responses: cooling foods, calming oils, and worksheets with bullet points! Compassion and a sense of humor are called for. Diet and lifestyle adjustments, along with yoga positions and other exercise regimens help to calm and cool those fiery pitta minds.


Relevant Services

Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Netra Vasti, Padabhyanga

The Dosha of Love

Kapha is the principal of structure and solidity. It is responsible for lubrication of joints, tissues and cells. Kapha is also the dosha of devotion, beauty, endurance, and peace.

A Kapha-dominant person is grounded, open, friendly, stable, and laid-back.
They are full of love, loyal, and dependable. The kapha frame is a solid one, with heavy bones, thick fingers, large eyes, and a wide face. When kapha is out of balance a person may become depressed, put on weight, have respiratory ailments, and be prone to self-pity.
Sometimes a kapha person needs a to hear a whip cracked to get out of their sluggishness, and Ayurveda can crack the whip! Invigorating Ayurvedic treatments clear toxins from the body, stimulating recipes address cravings for fatty foods, and consultations may be done at a brisk pace—literally—as we go for an energizing walk!


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Udvartina, Swedana, Garshana, Nasya, Padabhyanga

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