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Alicia Hunter, LMT

Alicia graduated from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, and is insured and licensed through the Massachusetts Board of Massage Therapy. Specializing in swedish massage and deep tissue, Alicia’s techniques have evolved to a more sensitive touch of the subtle energies of the body to aid in reducing stress and restoring balance.

Alicia’s interests in holistic and alternative ways of healing led her to Valley Ayurveda where she has been gratefully studying bodywork under Brooksley while studying at New World Ayurveda. She offers Ayurvedic yoga and nutrition workshops, and upon graduation in spring 2015, she will be certified to work on a deeper level with clients in one on one consultations.

Once upon a time as a girl lost and bombarded with ideals and expectations that did not fulfil her, along with depression and relentless psoriasis, Alicia has broken free to embrace the natural laws of the universe to honor her talents and passions along the way to health and vitality. Exploring Ayurveda and herbalism has led to an undeniable recognition of the wisdom and intelligence that surrounds us, we can work hard to resist or utilize these tools to flow in harmony. Although Alicia dreams about living beachside, she loves living in Northampton with her sweet daughter, bunny and fish and prioritizes down time (even little moments) to appreciate the world around her. Alicia is honored to work with individuals who seek holistic living and wellbeing.

Contact Alicia
(413) 949-2371

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