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3 Ways To Prepare For Fall

3 Ways to prepare for Fall

Since the beginning of time, cycles of nature have sustained and nurtured life on this planet. And as the offspring of nature, humans are given the birthright of vitality and longevity- as long as we live in accordance with nature’s rejuvenating principals.  We have only to look to the trees and plants in the Fall season to understand the steps that we too might take to prepare our bodies for the cold months ahead.

As any good gardener knows, if you want strong, hearty plants that continue to bloom well into the growing season, pruning is a crucial step.  By pruning dead leaves, blossoms, and branches, we encourage the energy of the plant to return to the roots, to sleep and dream until Spring’s call awakens. Pruning ourselves has a similar energizing effect in humans, though it is achieved in different ways.


  • Cut back on excess of heavy food, sugar, alcohol, and meat.
  • Limit travel, partying, or unnecessary social engagements in favor of quiet time, exercise, and contemplation.
  • Get to bed by 10 pm, and take steps to ensure quality sleep.

Cleansing also occurs in nature, in the sense that light diminishes, nutrients are not quickly absorbed, and the earth falls dormant.  As humans, we observe and control our intake of food for a period of time, and then eliminate toxins that have build up in the system over the summer.


  • Meditate- Clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts
  • Sweat-Purge your channels of toxins
  • Undertake a Cleanse appropriate to your strength and constitution
  • Drink hot water- Flush toxins from your system daily

In preparing a garden for winter, we clear away debris, and then build up a blanket of leaves or mulch to add a measure of protection agains harsh temperatures and winds.  We can protect ourselves from winter’s debilitating forces by eating a diet of warm nourishing foods, and building a thoughtful plan to approach our daily schedules with grace and aplomb.


  • Abhyanga- rub your tissues in nourishing warm oil
  • Eat the bounty of Fall’s harvest;  build your body with well-cooked and well-spiced foods
  • Dinacharya- consciously create a daily routine that considers the truth of your home and work circumstances, and seeks to choose the best possible path of balance.  Doing your best 80% of the time is good enough!

If you need guidance with any and all of the above measures, come see me for a consult, or consider joining me for our annual Fall Cleanse- kicking off with a free informational talk on Wednesday October 11th from 7-9.


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