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Welcome to Valley Ayurveda

The Valley’s first full-service Ayurvedic Wellness Clinic, offering constitutional analysis, authentic Ayurvedic body treatments, cleanses, cooking classes, workshops and a full complement of retail products to support you in your journey to whole wellness!



We offer one-on-one consultations to help you map out a treatment plan, a huge variety of therapeutic bodywork for detoxification and balancing, and information to help you sort out which foods and practices are best suited for your body type. Additionally, we offer periodic classes and workshops to enrich, enlighten and entertain you while offering you the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded folk.

Fall Cleanse



Where would you like to be 3 months from now? The most powerful and lasting results in Ayurvedic medicine come from a commitment of three months to give the recommendations a chance to start working. The bulk of my clients come for one of the following issues, and these programs have been successfully used on the journey that takes them back to a path of hope, health, and peace.

Healthy Weight
Energy & Sleep
Anxiety & Depression
Quality Digestion
Stress Management



As the oldest continuously-practiced system of medicine in the world, Ayurveda is vibrant, dynamic, relevant, and usable — a thriving complement to allopathic and East Asian medicine. Ayurveda directs us to choose health-promoting measures such as eating a diet in tune with our body type, and living by a daily routine which changes gently with the seasons. Ayurveda also offers rejuvenation and immunity enhancement through restorative bodywork techniques and periodic cleanses.

The Doshas

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